Semi-retirement means a certain period of time when you work and enjoy retirement at the same time and the work you are doing during this stage is usually part-time. Some people choose to get busy again after they know retirement feels like, while others choose to work in retirement when early retirement is unavailable to many people.

Semi-retirement friendly jobs:

  1. Part-Time jobs:

Part-time work is a good option for semi-retirees because it doesn’t take up too much time, and it is financially rewarding and satisfying for people who have experienced life of retirement.

  • Work from Home

It would be ideal for semi-retirees to be able to work from home. Thanks to the Internet and smartphones, all kinds of soho jobs are now available.

  • Self-employment

If you have unrealized dreams that can make money for you, starting your own business would be a good choice. But if you invest too much time in the business, you may become busier than a full-time employee.


Income taxes, social security and insurance policies are all important factor that should be taken into consideration. The combination of retirement income and part-time income can result in higher tax rates, so adjusting hours of work or withdrawing funds from a 401(k) can be a better choice under such circumstances. Until full retirement age, retirees who choose to continue working may see a reduction in their monthly Social Security benefits. Even if you work part-time, don’t forget to enroll in a health care plan available to people working in retirement.

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