Freedom and democracy, you were born and raised in this great nation. You believe one day you can be successful through hard working. This is what we call American Dream. This is what we believe for more than a century.

Do you?

In 1931, a famous writer and historian James Truslow Adams wrote in his best-selling book “Epic of America” that, “that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.”

James Truslow Adams

The idea of American Dream runs through the establishment and development of the US. Back to the 20th century, compared with low social mobility in Europe, America was full of opportunities.

A series of public policies encouraged citizens to buy houses and do business. With the industrial revelation which had greatly expanded productive forces, the US was at a high development stage. Soon, the US became the biggest economic power in the world.

The achievement of American Dream requires political and economic freedom. A good environment can help individuals achieve success. The idea of American Dream also does good to the development of the US. Back in that time, many talents came to the US seeking for opportunities, which boosted the economy.

We always believe in American Dream. We believe that one day we can be successful if we continue to work hard. But is this really true?

Do young Americans still believe in American Dreams? Or do Americans still have dreams?

As the income gap becomes wider and wider, rich people are richer and poor people and poorer. Rich people have more resources and chances to be successful, also they are better educated. There’s a larger chance for them to succeed.

With time goes by, our society is having lower social mobility. Today’s young man, like you and me, are believing in something else. However, these realities don’t diminish the luster of the American Dreams. We still need to be hard-working.

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