That you decide to embark on a cheap date does not mean it will be boring-fest or outrightly non-romantic. There are sure ways to plan a cheap date without losing the romantic essence.

  • Take a dance lesson: with tons of studios around you, try out one that offers simple dance instructions that you can try out afterwards. This is a perfect time to do some ballroom dance together to spark your romance up.
  • Try a breakfast date: now this may sound awkward, but considering the fact that breakfast is the first meal of the day, it gets cheaper than a dinner date. Who says you can’t have a romantic date with pancakes and eggs?
  • Try out home cooking: instead of going out, why not both of you decide to engage in some romantic cooking. This way you are surely going to spend the evening together, bonding your romance by creating some delicious menu together.
  • Massage date: one wonderfully cheap date is the home massage date. You do not need to spend unnecessary money going to the spa when you can simply make use of some oil and a towel. Getting massaged by your romantic other is more soothing than getting it done by a stranger.
  • Play some video games: games have a way of bonding people together. From simple games like Lego to blood-bustling visuals like call of Duty, two of you can enjoy the perfect date by ensuring that you don’t take it too competitive.
  • See the autumn leaves falling: one specular sight for romantic couples is the sight of colourful leaves gradually falling on them. Get information on the nearest forest around you where the trees will give both of you scenery that will spice up your romance
  • Duck feeding: rather than planning a dinner night out, you might want to try cheap options like visiting a local pond to feed the ducks. All you need is some leftover corn and possibly oats. It’s cheap enough!
  • Take some skating lesson: if one of you had passed the chance to take skating lessons while growing up, a perfect date can be set where you will have all the fun laughing at each other as your partner falls on countless occasions. The memories will not go for a while.
  • Visit an art exhibition gallery: it is not like you are going there to buy some expensive artworks. You don’t pay to enter art galleries and nobody is forced to buy. Why not take the time to enjoy a perfect date by looking around some wonderful artworks?
  • Bonfire date: light up the perfect evening date with a romantic journey to the nearest beach where you have the laxity to set up a bonfire on a cool night with no snow to freeze you to death. The warmth will surely add some spice to your romance.

There are a thousand other options to choose from. But these will light up your romantic life.

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