Freelance writing is a growing work-from-home scheme that people are exploiting nowadays. Lettered individuals are constantly searching for sites where they can earn money by writing articles. Whether the pay is peanuts or bogus, there are hundreds of sites where you can monetize your writing skills. Here are some…


This is a relationship-focused blog that also provides updated articles that impact on young people. They are constantly on the lookout for excellent articles that relate to relationships, healthy living and mental health issues. Most of the articles are pegged between 1000 to 1500 words and they offer as much as $120 for each article.


Teckler is a revenue-sharing site where article writers are paid based on the revenue their articles generate. These articles are referred to as ‘Tecks”. The good part of this is that you are not only limited to written articles alone; audio clips and videos are also monetized. You just need to come up with a marketable article to enjoy premium earning.


If your niche is feminist or you like to write articles on feminism as it relates to politics and entrepreneurship, your best bet it Liisbeth. The metatag of the site is boldly stated ‘field notes for feminists in business”, so you already have an idea what they want. They pay between $100 and $1000 per article, depending on the quality and quantity of the content.

Bitch Media

This is another feminist-oriented site that pays a premium for feminist articles. The mission is to provide thoughtful feminist responses to popular culture and they are always encouraging writers to submit articles that will further this achievement of this mission. Their contents are published both online and in print and they pay between 4150 to $1000 for articles, depending on the nature and quality of the content.

Income Diary

Income Diary pays article writers up to $200 per article. However, you will only get this if your articles are awesome and qualitative. Not a place for newbie writers, Income Diary constantly look for expert article writers on website creation and other online money-making engagements.

Informed Content

This is a leading publication site that values articles related to foreign policy. They are constantly inviting expert writers to deliver articles that discuss foreign policy decisions of various governments and economies but their focus is more on US foreign policy as well as Asian and Middle East economies’ politics. You might be lucky to have your human rights and religious discriminations articles accepted. They pay $100 for articles of up to 1000 words. is a humour site. By this, you can make some cool cash if your niche is articles that are inherently funny and laughable. This is not a platform that prioritizes expertise; so far your contents are good, creative and smart, you will surely make some dough. What more? They also accept Photoshops, info graphs and videos.

Funds for Writers

This site is constantly looking to help writers get paid for their articles. They enjoy articles that are not too long (between 500 and 600 words), with contents relating to earning income with words, how to win writing contests as well as unique information that can boost writers’ careers. They pay up to $50 per article.

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