A home inventory app is useful when recording our belongings and calculating the total value, but you might have a hard time finding a best home inventory app. This article intends to help, with an introduction of 2 best home inventory apps! But before starting the introduction, you need to understand that not all home inventory apps are free. Some inventory apps charges a fee for downloading, and some provides premium services with extra fees. You’d better make sure you know the price before making a choice. Now let’s check them out!

  • Shortly: The Best One

(This app is available on both iOS and Android. It is free, but it provides paid premium version as well.

Shortly provides everything you want in a home inventory app.)

Firstly, it puts an emphasis on organizing items and helping you when moving house. It provides several folders to help you better categorize your items. This app also allows you to add photos, barcodes, and serial numbers to each item, so you can record, track, and manage your belongings with details.

Secondly, this app provides calculating service that helps you figure out the total value of your belongings in one place. It is extremely useful when you claim an insurance after a loss.

Last but not least, when you’re going to move, Shortly also provides a visual inventory of the items in your home. A visual picture of all your belongings can be created with the details you’ve added and the folders like location, box, room, or other information. More importantly, you can quickly find things and even mark the boxes with QR labels, which can be scanned to see what is inside the boxes.

  • BluePlum Home Inventory

(The app is only available on iOS and desktop. And BluePlum usually asks for a fee as high as $24.99.)

It allows you to have a home inventory for multiple homes. You also can categorize your belongings with custom folders or color-coded custom tags. Detailed information like images(editable), videos, receipts, instructions, contracts can be added to the items. With the in-app Continuity Camera, you can use your device to scan a document or take a picture of the item to add it to your home inventory right away.

Another good thing about BluePlum is that it is very friendly to iOS users. Since this app could also be used in iPad and Apple-related devices, the data inside the app could be uploaded through iCloud. Therefore, people with an iCloud account are able to track their items regularly.

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