1. Panama

Panama is a great place to retire because of its beautiful beaches, mountains, and warm as well as friendly people. The cost of living in the country is very low compared to the United States and groceries, restaurants, and rent are all nearly half the price of those in the U.S. In addition, expatriates with retirement visas enjoy many benefits such as discounts on entertainment, transportation and hotel accommodations, and the quota of duty-free vehicle every two years.

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great fit for retirees who live healthy and active lives. It is a country with high level of health care and rich recreational culture. The cost of living in Costa Rica is very low where the price of renting or buying a house is much less expensive than that in the United States.

3. Mexico

As a neighbor of the United States, Mexico is a country that combines the modern touch with the country vibe. The climate there is warm and recreation abundant. The fact that residency in Mexico is easy to obtain is widely appreciated. Retirees who meet certain criteria can obtain a temporary resident visa, valid for up to four years. Permanent resident visas are also available, but they have higher requirements for income and asset.

4. Ecuador

Ecuador is a combination of urban and rural areas, of mountains and sea. Not only is the climate mild and pleasant, but the consumer and housing prices are low. Just like Panama, Ecuador also offers many benefits to expatriates such as discounts on utility, entertainment and public transportation as well as certain tax breaks.

5. Malaysia

Malaysia is an attractive Asian country with a low cost of living and an abundance of amenities. As an nation striding over Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, there are hundreds of islands to visit.

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