If you want to file bankruptcy by yourself, you might encounter various problems and difficulties. However, a good Do-It-Yourself bankruptcy software could help you solve them all.

There are a lot of good reasons for you to use a software to DIY your bankruptcy. For one thing, a consumer bankruptcy software is much cheaper than counseling service from a lawyer. For another, bankruptcy features confusing and huge amounts of paperwork, while a DIY software could help you successfully file bankruptcy without getting lost.

Although most DIY bankruptcy software charges fees, forms for DIY bankruptcy are usually for free. For example, you could download the forms on the U.S. Bankruptcy Court free of charge. However, you need to print them out in order to finish the application. Generally, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court site is suitable if you don’t want to use paid consumer bankruptcy software.

But if you use a DIY bankruptcy software, you will enjoy more convenience – almost every software provides the forms you need to fill out and some even let you file them electronically. Here are two with lower prices and higher quality:

  • Ezbankruptcyforms.com

This website offers both chapter 7 and chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy software. The basic chapter 7 software is priced at $44. You need to spend about 8 hours filling out all the forms. This software also offers you explanations of complex legal terms to help you get everything done right.  

In general, if you are planning to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy, this software might be the least expensive software on the market.

  • CIN compass

CIN compass’s consumer bankruptcy software gives you more options of bankruptcy forms. It provides forms for chapter 7, 9, 11, 12, and 13. The meat of CIN compass is that it enables you to file forms electronically if it is allowed in the local court.

However, compared to Ezbankruptcyforms.com, CIN compass is more expensive. The price of the basic plan is $75 per month.

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