Many of us dread filing tax. It’s true that filing tax is confusing, we all need to turn to professional tax preparers for help. However, professional preparers will charge you fees.

IRS provides free tax filing service through its website if your income is below $69,000. You will be directed to some of the free software available that will help you file all these forms. Still, there are many free online tax filing software that you can use other than visiting the IRS website.

H&R Block Free Edition

If your income is below $66,000, H&R Block Free Edition is a good choice. It is best suited for simple returns, but it covers many common tax deductions and offer great support via step-by-step guide. Professionals are with you in case you have any questions, you can ask them online. H&R Block also allows you to import your last year’s tax info from other tax products.

TurboTax Free Edition

Probably TurboTax is the most famous software in terms of tax filing. For people who prefer the free edition of TurboTax, the income limit is $34,000. The software itself is pretty easy to use. It includes unlimited free help from a tax professional. However, if you choose to use TurboTax, you can’t import income data or last year’s tax info like H&R Block would do.

TaxAct Free Edition

TaxAct Free Edition offers simple tax return and free filing for school tax deduction, W-2 processing and more. If you are self-employed, you can also use this software. There is an online answer center for questions and help with using TaxAct. However, like TurboTax, you can’t import data.

TaxSlayer Simply Free

The paid version of TaxSlayer is the cheapest one among all tax software, which only needs $17. The free version is also good to use. It has good user interface and it’s easy to use if you want to file a simple return. However, the deduction is useless if you only file a 1040 EZ.

FreeTaxUSA Free Edition

The FreeTaxUSA Free Edition allows you to file most forms of your taxed. You can import your data not only from last year, but also years prior to the next year, which makes things easier and help you file quickly.

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