The online course is a set of instructional experiences that uses the digital network to provide educational information (videos, articles, images), communication (discussions, messaging), and assessment. The course is created to help build a learning environment that is accessible anytime, anyplace.

An online course can have many types. The common types of online courses include university courses, massive open online courses (MOOCs), company training courses, and e-learning sites. The core function of all the online courses is to teach skills or knowledge to people.

The Pros of Online Courses


Since most of the online courses are delivered through websites, people can use them at anytime and anywhere. Besides, users can study the online courses at their own pace or on their own schedule by stopping the online video according their will or reviewing the materials again and again.

Easy Access

Online courses provide a golden opportunity for those students who cannot attend traditional courses in person. In addition, people of all ages can take online courses without almost any limitation. As long as you have a mobile device, a web browser, or a tablet, you can get access to the online courses.

Abundant Learning Resources

Most online courses can provide a variety of videos, articles, and other supplicated materials for learning. Students also have the options to communicate and interact with other students from different places via the social media.

The Cons of Online Courses

Personal Discipline Matters

The free mode of online courses requires the students to have strict personal disciplines. Without face-to-face teaching, students will have little pressure when taking the online courses. If you lack personal discipline, you are highly likely to get distracted, and then online courses will be ineffective.

Lack of 1 to 1 Teaching

In traditional classrooms, it is relatively easy for the teacher to have one-on-one interaction with the students. However, online courses cannot offer such platforms. In most situations, you will have to wait for an answer or a response from a professor for several days.

Not All Subjects Available

Although there are all kinds of courses available online, there are still subjects or courses that you cannot find on the Internet. Therefore, if you want to use online courses to get a degree, you had better check carefully to make sure the online accreditation matches up to your degree goal.

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