Small companies often find it hard to afford systems or tools for daily operations. Using software may be one of the solutions. The following are 5 best software recommended for small businesses.

Best Accounting Software: Wave Accounting

Established in 2010, Wave Accounting now serves small companies all over the world. It enables small enterprises to track expenses and taxes, send invoices, and scan the receipts without being charged. With Wave Accounting, users can connect various credit cards and bank accounts. The software can also help figure out cash flow trends. Besides, it is very convenient to use the mobile app to scan receipts at anytime from anywhere. However, despite the free services, if users set up payroll for staff or accept bank payments and credit cards, additional fees will be charged.

Best Document Management Software: G Suite

The full name of G Suite is Google Suite. It combines various online office tools, including document creation, document management, email management, video meetings, cloud storage, etc.. With G Suite, users can create, store, manage and share documents in a secured and easy way. Since each tool in the software belongs to Google, users can move from one app to another smoothly. In addition, G Suite allows users to get connected with a variety of third-party platforms without too much access to data. Nevertheless, the security of data is limited. If you want to increase the security, you will have to pay extra fees.

 Best Website Builder: Wix

Wix was created in 2006 with 150 million current users. If you want to create an excellent website for your company but you do not have enough coding knowledge, Wix will be your best choice. If you want to sell things online, you can make full use of Wix to create a professional trade platform. What’s more, Wix allows you to accept payments through many other platforms like AliPay and PayPal. Facebook and Instagram can also be integrated. The defect of Wix is that though creating a basic website is free of charge, you have to pay additionally to gain Wix’s e-commerce features.

Best Team Communication Software: Slack

Slack now owns 12 million users. The software provides users with a free online platform where the team members can have real-time messaging and meetings. Compared with e-mail communication, Slack offers more efficient channels for users with both public and private access available. Apart from real-time communication, users can share files, arrange meetings, and conduct polls easily with the software. However, if you want to use Slack for free, you will be allowed to search messages up to only 10,000.

Best Hiring Software: Freshteam

Freshteam enables users to manage employee information in an easy and convenient way. It will also become a good helper for users to hire new employees. With the software, you can post jobs, check candidates’ resumes, and send offer letters all within one platform. If a new employee is hired, all the paperwork and employee handbooks can be sent via Freshteam. Notice that the software is only free for enterprises with no more than 50 employees. For additional users, $75 will be charged monthly for every 50 users.

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