A retirement community is more than a place where offers the seniors the basic service, but also a place where people can enjoy recreation, companion, mobility, and different kinds of amenities.

We will list the top 5 retirement communities in the United States after considering the cost, suitability of house, amenities, and accessibility to recreation.

  • The Villages

The Villages, located in central Florida, is one of the largest retirement communities in the United States. It covers a large area, including three counties. The Villages has more than 60,000 people and it is a fully-functioning town right now. Residences can enjoy nightly free entertainment, shop at fancy plazas, take golf courses, go swimming with their friends.

  • Sun City Hilton Head

Sun City Hilton Head was built in Bluffton, S.C. as a part of the Del Webb collection and it used to be a famous active adult community. It contains more than 8,200 homes whose prices range from &100,000 to $1 million. In the middle of the community, we have an amenity campus where residences can access to entertainment and social activities.

  • Sun City Summerlin

Like Sun City Hilton Head, Sun City Summerlin also belongs to Del Webb collection, but it is its first community. The town is built in Las Vegas, and it has about 8,000 homes. If people wish to find an average one, it will cost around $200,000; if people wish to find the one that is particularly designed for themselves, it will cost up to $1 million. The community’s center stand several clubhouses where residences can enjoy luxury amenities and various activities, including swimming, gaming, and dining.

  • Sun City Huntley

Sun City Huntley is located in Huntley, Illinois, a place near Chicago. It has about 5,500 residences and its cost ranges from $100,000 to $400,000. The community is well known for its clubhouse which takes more than 94,000 square-foot with 80 clubs and amenities inside. This clubhouse provides spa, indoor walking track, ballroom and different studios. These activities are held for residences all year around.

  • Laguna Woods Village

Laguna Woods Village sits in Laguna Woods, California and covers 2,100 acres in the Saddleback Valley. It is a gated community and sustains 12,700 residences and its cost varies between $100,000 to $1 million. It is a dream retirement community for Orange County since it offers golfing courses and allows residences access to social activities, swimming, and other game and recreation.

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