Zoom Investment Portfolio Manager

This is a free portfolio management software which enables you to create and manage multiple portfolios at the same time. Besides, for each individual account, different currencies like the EUR and INR can be specified for transactions. Also, a “Watch list” is available for you to compare different investments before you make decisions to start the investment. An easy access to various financial news and reports is another advantage of the software. The mere defect is that it is for Windows only.

Investment Account Manager

It is a Mac and Windows desktop-based program which offers comprehensive portfolio management and investment tracking tools. You may also find in-depth tax planning tools and easy-to-learn snapshots of asset allocation available. The powerful tech support of the software can provide you with quick responses of complex transactions. However, you should notice that Investment Account Manager is not free. Despite its 90-day free demo, you will have to pay about $90 for the software to continue using it and another $30 if you need a Quote Media data feed.


StockMarketEye is suitable both for individual investors and asset managers. With this app, you can manage a variety of transactions, including buys and sells, dividends, splits, cash deposits, capital return,etc.. The data of the software, which is available for Mac, Windows, Linux as well as iOS and Android, will be locally stored on the computer. You may also use it online to get access to portfolios, watch lists, alerts and other information. The disadvantage is that it provides limited views with no ratios and no charts when you are seeing the portfolios.

Fund Manager

Fund Manager is a software that runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10. It can help you track your purchases, distributions, transfers as well as other advanced transactions like mergers and spin-offs. A professional version is available for active traders. With the software, you can either access the fund manually or import funds from other formats. The price of Fund Manager is relatively higher with $99 for a new version plus $39 for an upgrade. The professional version charges even more, about $295 or so.


TradeTrax is one of the simplest software you can find. Therefore, beginners are mostly recommended to use it. It enables users to view profits of the portfolio and manage basic transactions. You can also liquidate the assets in a convenient way by simply using the liquidate now option. While the software is suitable for newcomers, professional traders may find its function limited to some extent.

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